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Cemetery Pricing and Rules


Burial lot


Double Burial Single Space (1 full body and 1 cremains)

Requires purchase of burial space; fee for each additional burial



Triple Burial Single Space (1 full body and 2 cremains)

 Requires purchase of burial space; fee for each additional burial



Opening and closing for cremains burial only (No tent, chairs, or greens)




Niche space (11-7/8 x 11x7/8 x 11/78)


Row 1 top row                  East                   1-6


Row 2                                                         7-12


Row 3                                                       13-18


Row 4                                                       19-24


Row 5 top row                  West              25-30


Row 6                                                       31-36


Row 7                                                       37-42


Row 8                                                       43-48


2 cremains per niche

$150.00 additional

Opening and Closing

(No tent, chairs, or greens)


Rates include care of cemetery only other services such as headstone setting, and arrangements are done by others.



No one shall disturb the gravestones, monuments or any other property or objects within the Cemetery by noise or improper conduct.

No vehicle shall be driven in any part of the cemetery except on driveways laid out for that purpose or on unimproved property.

To secure the best general appearance, the town has put in place the following regulations:


Cemetery Plot Flower and Decorations:

All grave floral decorations are to be of fresh flowers, artificial flowers, or small potted plants. Fresh flowers may be placed in the cemetery any time. Artificial flowers are allowed on the cemetery plots between November 1st and March 1st.

Floral decorations and all other decorations will be removed and discarded by cemetery personnel on a bi- weekly basis unless they become unsightly then they will be removed immediately.

Vases: The permanent vase which is incorporated in the marker are permissible but when not in use, must be inverted and sunk in the ground. Vases should be placed inverted in the ground from December through February to prevent freezing and cracking.


Columbaria Flower and Decoration Regulations:

All columbaria floral decorations are to be of fresh flowers or artificial flowers only.


Exceptions to these regulations are:

Removal of fresh flowers will be delayed 2 weeks for Memorial Day, Easter, and Christmas.

The Cemetery reserves the right to remove all funeral flowers five (5) days after interment or as they become unsightly.

Flags: The placement of American flags shall be permitted on graves of Veterans of the Armed Forces and will be treated as all decorations.


Taped Item & Sticker Guidelines:

Stickers, taped pictures, or other materials are not permitted on niche and crypt shutters. Cemetery staff reserves the right to remove such items.

No dirt, sand, gravel, rocks, wood, cement, casting plaster, metal, marbles, or borders of any type around headstones and/or graves.

No signs, crosses or other wood, metal, ceramic, or plastic grave location markers on graves. Only headstones and temporary grave markers approved by the Cemetery are permitted.

Permanent plantings of any kind, trees, shrubs, grass, ground cover, etc., are not permitted without prior approval of the town council. A written request must be submitted to the council giving the Block and Plot number along with the Section of the cemetery, and stating what item or items are being requested to be planted. A picture and details of the items to be planted would be helpful as well.

Any headstone other than one that is flush to the ground must be approved by the town council. The same written request as with plantings is required. (above)

Maintenance Requirements: All items that have been approved for placement on or around a Plot or Block must be maintained by the requester. Failure to do so may result in those items being removed.

The Cemetery or its employees shall not be responsible for anything of a breakable or movable nature that becomes broken or stolen, including flowers or any decoration, and shall at his/her discretion, and without notice remove decorations from any plot which may create a safety hazard or cause additional maintenance burdens. This shall apply particularly to multiple decorations placed on a grave site.

The Cemetery shall have the right to remove all objects whose appearance and condition warrant removal and/or violate the Cemetery’s rules and regulations.

Rules and Regulations will be posted at the Lyman Town Hall and the town website and will be given to new lot purchasers with the deed to the lot.