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Permits & Forms

Looking for permits and forms? From here you can print out standard forms and permits used by the Town of Lyman. Once completed they can be brought to City Hall for filing and payment of associated fees.

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Town of Lyman Business Licenses

Looking to start a business in the Town of Lyman? For more information..

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City Council Minutes

To view the latest City Council Meeting Minutes in PDF format.

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Water System

For information about the city water system as well as improvements, maintenance etc.

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ORV Ordinances

For the latest information on the current city Off-road Vehicle Ordinance rules and regulations.

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City Council Meeting

                   Meeting are held at 8405 S Main St Lyman, WA 98263 360-826-3033  
    Town of Lyman Agenda
 August 22,  2023
    7:00 pm 
        Meeting Called to Order 
          Roll Call 
        Pledge of Allegiance 
      Treasurer's Report
       Unpaid Bills
AGENDA REVIEW:                 Approve change in June minutes, had start time wrong
MAYORS REPORT:                 Water Loss Report 
                                                     1 Back to School Parade Thursday Sept 21, 2023
                                                     2 Tammie would like to close S Main St Sat 10/28/23 for short time
                                                     3 Debbie Anderson/ Davis Lane                                                               CORRESPONDANCE:             4 Don't need franchise for State right of way in town limits 
                                                     5 Look over Disaster Preparedness Submission
                                                     6  Approve 800.00 Donation from Mabel Cook Pearson      
UNFINSHED BUSINESS:                    
NEW BUSINESS:                     Seattle Clear Petition to Vacate Dyer St